Request For Photograph

Request For Photograph

Request For Photograph

Interested scholars and individuals may request for one-time use of photographs of National Museum Collections for publishing in journals, articles and academic books or conference/ classroom presentations by sending the following form to

For the Undertaking form click here- Click here

Kindly note that permission to publish images will be granted through email only and only in extraordinary situations the same be granted in hard copy.

High-resolution images (300 dpi) will also be sent via email. The discretion to allow permission for publishing solely rests with the National Museum.

Permission will be granted for one-time use only and the purpose specified.

The cost per image will be Rs. 1000/- (Payment acceptable only in Indian currency (INR).

The granting of permission and image may require 10-15 working days from the date of receiving the request. If there is any fee involved, the same will be intimated to the applicant before granting permission.

In all cases, the National Museum will be acknowledged in the following manner

National Museum-New Delhi Collection
Acc no: 87.647
(This is only a sample, please use the correct Acc number that will be shared with the photograph)

  • The acknowledgement language should be as shown below
  • The font size of the acknowledgement text should not be less than 10
  • The acknowledgement should appear alongside the image/on the same slide being shown/same page where the image is published.
  • Two complimentary copies of the publication will be provided to the National Museum for the record.

Interested scholars and individuals to submit an undertaking for one-time usage for publishing in journals, articles and academic books or conference/ classroom presentations.

Kindly note that the above guidelines are subject to change without prior notice. Visitors are advised to see the National Museum Website from time to time for any changes.

After email confirmation of the availability of images, please send a Demand Draft (DD) in favour of "DDO, National Museum" either through post or submit by hand to the following address:

Smt. Vintee Sain
Director Exhibition/ Public Relations
First Floor, National Museum, Janpath
New Delhi-110011

Complete the below form to send us your Request For Photograph. Your request will be very much appreciated. If you provide us with your contact information, we will be able to answer your questions.

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Guideline for Request For Photograph
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