Public Relations

Public Relations


The Vision of the NM-Outreach department is to make the National Museum one of the best cultural experiences in India and the World. 


The mission of the outreach department is to enrich every interface between the National Museum and the Public with an objective to provide a qualitative  experience for them and increase the number of visitors to the National Museum. 


The strategy of the NM-outreach department will be to work at the following interfaces in collaboration with their department heads and in-charges to achieve the mission highlighted above in the next 5 years:

  1. Visitor Services
  2. Publications
  3. Public Programmes
  4. Exhibitions
  5. Training and capacity Building
  6. Visitor Studies
  7. Media Management

In order to achieve the enhance the Museum-Public interface in the long run, the NM- outreach department will follow the following guidelines:

1.  Re-orient the museum and its programmes to audience-centric

2.    Look out for effective collaborations that can enhance the public perception of the museum. 

3.  Strengthen fundamental systems of the museum’s running to powerfully feed into public prorgrams.

4.    Expand from being only an intellectual institution and strive to become a popular visiting place in order to keep intellectual interests alive in the long run.

5.   Keep open and ‘willing to share information attitude with the public.

6.   Acknowledge the efforts of all Museum staff and reward them in the public domain through publications, public programs and events.


Smt. Vintee Sain
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