My School at NM: Digital Learning & Engagement

My School at NM: Digital Learning & Engagement

My School at NM


National Museum  offers a unique rendezvous  with  ideas  and  experiences for people   of   all   the   ages, interests, capabilities, and  backgrounds. Museum education  enriches  their  experience  by  narrowing  the  gap  between visitor’s expectation  and  experiences  by providing  them  a  platform  where they  can develop  a better  understanding of the  museum’s  collection. National Museum constantly aspires to be a highly  interactive  space catering to the needs of multiple audiences. To generate interest towards History and Arts among the young audiences, National Museum has undertaken to offer educational programmes, which act as a medium for our young viewers to learn about cultures represented in the Museum through various antiquities,  oral  history,  while making the process informative, entertaining and fun.

To  fulfil the educational role of the institution, museum officials, staff members, and volunteers must work together to ensure a conducive learning environment, where the pedagogy is absolutely oriented  towards  art integrated  learning systems.

National Museum has been developing online learning modules and delivering them through all social media platforms. This initiative, is an attempt at taking the NM collection to classrooms and homes, and reach out to learning centers across India.

My School at NM: Digital Learning & Engagement also focuses on  the NEP 2019 mandate that, ‘ Pedagogy must evolve to make education more experimental, holistic and integrated, discovery oriented, learner-centered, discussion based, flexible, and of course enjoyable’.


Meet Our Partners

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Points for Partners & Collaborators-

  • All online sessions should be in sync with formal curriculum and also enhance the creative potential of participants. All online learning modules developed by NM and its partners should cater to the needs of all age groups/ Classes.
  • All online modules should have Pre, During & Post Visit sessions.
  • All Partners will depute their respective team members for conducting sessions under’ during’ Segment. Therefore,  partners will handle the ‘during’ segment on their own.
  • All partners will have to inform and take permission in advance to conduct their during session in the museum.
  • All online modules will be available in a Learners’ Pack format, where all study materials developed by the museum   and partners would be downloadable from NM website.
  • NGOs/ Trusts/ Firms/ Individuals/ PVT. Organizations and other registered organizations who qualify from the sector of Art & Education may apply and should have the requisite essential and desired requirements-
Essential Requirements
  • Should have the experience of developing learning pedagogies around museum collection.
  • Should have a minimum  experience of 5 years and above of developing learning modules and facilitating sessions for School groups.
  • Should have  collaborated  with at least 10 or more schools/NGOs as learning facilitator (Experience certificate/ letter of appreciation to be provided while applying)
  • Should have an experience and expertise in designing and delivering demonstrative pedagogies for a large group of learners.
  • Should have a team to be able to facilitate ‘Before, During & After’ Sessions.
Desirable Requirements
  • Should have the experience of working with Government agencies/ organizations/ Groups.
  • NM will be selecting only five partners for the Year 2020-2021. The above mentioned parameters will be applicable while selecting the prospective partners.
  • All Learning Modules will be available under the following categories-
    • Category One: Pre-Recorded Videos along with Learning packs (All Downloadable)
    • Category Two: Live Sessions along with hands- on activities. Interested learning group may approach NM partners directly. Participation fee may be decided by the partners. (Charges Applicable).
  • All approved partners may be allowed to conduct their respective sessions through their own platforms, but partners should be informing NM about their sessions in advance.
  • A downloadable learning pack should be designed by all Partners and  the same will be shared with NM.
  • All partners will check with NM’s L&E Department before finalising the themes for developing the learning module and all other downloadable materials.
  • The approved learning pack would then be made available on NM Website as well.
  • All partners will be duly credited for their research and all their downloadable materials will consist of their copyright guidelines.
  • NM will also have joint copyright for using the learning materials developed by their partners for NM’s online sessions.
  • The below given hierarchy is proposed for  conducting all online learning sessions for schools.

There would be no financial implication on NM while collaborating with any prospective partners.

  • All partners and their individual sessions conducted under this initiative will be promoted through NM website and other social media platforms.
  • L&E Department would also be developing separate learning modules and the NM team would be conducting the sessions.
  • The audience may be segregated under the following categories and grades 
    • Group 1 - I to V Classes
    • Group 2 - VI to VIII Classes
    • Group 3 - IX to X Classes
    • Group 4- XI- XII Classes
  • Modules may be developed keeping the following Grades and themes in consideration-
Group 1- I to V Classes-
  • Mythology
  •  Coins and iconography
  • Painting (flora & fauna)
  • Patterns
  •  Games
Group 2 – VI to VIII Classes-
  • Stone Age to Harappan civilization (civilization)
  • Kings and kingdoms (empires/ kings/ provenance) {chronology about rulers}
  • Religion (Buddhism/ Jainism/ Christianity/ Hinduism)
  • Metals and non-metals (meet museum doctors)
  • Musical Instruments (introduction, visit to the gallery, curator interaction)
  • Mughal Art
  • Coins to credit card
  • Metallurgy in India
  • Temples
  • Culture (28 historical sites) {known and unknown places} [trivia]
Group 3-  IX to X Classes-
  • Human evolution
  • Civilisations
  • Coinage in ancient India
  • Buddhist Viharas and Stupas
  • Learning Bhakti Movement through Indian Bronze
  • Through the eyes of travellers
  • Mughal Art
  • Arms and armour
  • Temple architecture of India
  • Decoding art through carbon dating/ Carbon dating- A way to trace your roots
  • Symphony of musical instruments/ encyclopaedia of musical instrument
  • Excavation
  • Art in wood
  • All partners are requested to develop the content keeping the above mentioned age group in consideration.
  • Partners may also be allowed to choose themes and age groups besides the above mentioned. But a prior approval from NM is required.

All interested organizations/individuals are requested to email their proposal to the Museum Education Officer at- educationnationalmuseum@gmail

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