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Title: Collaboration and Curation in a museum space: Notes on Praxis

Concept: The course will focus on understanding the curation of special/ temporary exhibitions that are an outcome of the collaboration of institutes in a museum space.  

Objective: Selecting, sequencing, and presenting the art collection in form of an exhibition has the potential to offer new meanings to art and can often extend its existing dimensions. Encompassing the many stages, the art of curation is a process that begins from the established discourses enshrined in academics and builds up into a three-dimensional display of art in the gallery space, where the art, artist, curator and spectator meet. Between learning and feeling, understanding and experiencing, and reading and seeing, art exhibitions play a rather transcendental role. The course will take the participants on the journey of curation with details on the protocols and processes that are involved in the art of curation in a museum space. It will be befitting for the students of visual art, design, art history, history, archaeology, museology and budding curators and art lovers who are curious to explore the many ways to engage with art.


Content: This course on curation is an outcome of the recent collaboration and exhibition between the National Museum, India and Museum Kolding, Denmark. The course is designed to familiarise the students with the basics of curation that comprises of- research, writing, presentation, installation and display from a curatorial perspective. The course will also include seminal aspects of practice in the classroom, like- necessary readings and due discussions, data creation and management, the process of selection and rejection of artworks, curatorial aesthetics and ethics etc., and will be conducted in form of interactive sessions.   


Facilitators: Curatorial team of Silver Treasures from India and Denmark- Komal Pande (National Museum, India), Steen L Rosenvinge and Conni Ramskov (Museum Kolding, Denmark) will be conducting this course with special reference to the ongoing Indo-Danish Silver exhibition and the collaboration between National Museum and Museum Kolding. The facilitators are curatorial members in their respective museums and have been working in the collection departments of their museums for several years. 


Duration of Course: 5 Days (April 24- 28) 

Timings: 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Minimum Eligibility Criteria: 20 years and above can apply for the course. 

Total number of seats: 35 only

Certificates: Certificates would be given against 100 percent attendance only.

Course fee: 


Students (Pursuing) Rs. 1000/-
National Museum Volunteers Rs. 500/-
NGOs (students sponsored by NGOs) Free
Others Rs. 2000/-
Medium: All sessions will be conducted offline, at National Museum, New Delhi Course outline
Sl.  No. Topics Speaker       Topic Venue

Day 1.

24th April

Inspiration: Reading, Interpretation and Imagination K Pande Introduction to significant texts on visual art, literature, theatre, and social & cultural history Classroom

Day 2.

25th April

Curation: Method, Process and Application K Pande Understanding the various stages of curation- pre, during and post exhibition Classroom

Day 3.

26th April

Intervention: Challenges and Possibilities K Pande Exploring by doing- curating and writing in class Classroom

Day 4.

27th April

Discourse on Semantics of Curation (Indian & Danish) S L Rosenvinge, C Ramskov, K Pande  Nuances of the curatorial journey- examples of Indian and Danish Curation Classroom

Day 5.

28th April

Questions and Dialogues S L Rosenvinge, C Ramskov, K Pand A walkthrough in the exhibition from the curatorial viewpoint-technical and aesthetic aspect In-situ Exhibition Hall


Please email your complete application form with payment details to: educationnationalmuseum@gmail.com
Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Last date for submission of applications: April 23, 2023, 5:00 pm
Team National Museum will share the payment details only when your seat is confirmed.
Kindly Note that the Application fee is Non-Refundable
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