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Buddhist Art of Central Asia


Objectives of the course:


India shared a deep religious and artistic relation with ancient Central Asia, and this wonderful accomplishment was achieved by the self less and self sacrificing Buddhist monks who faced great hardships traveling to these distant places to spread the message of the Compassionate One - The Buddha. Along with some important Museums in the world, National Museum has a superb collection of Central Asian Buddhist art, therefore it would be extremely interesting to study the art of Central Asia kept in the Museums worldwide. 


Learning outcomes:

The course attempts at enabling students understand and appreciate the unique development of Buddhist art with distinct aesthetic appeal in Central Asia, once they view the artistic creations. The paintings were created under the strong influence of the Buddhist religion that had spread from the Indian soil and for ages lay hidden from the world until a few brave and adventurous explorers brought them to the world.        


Course conducted by:

Dr Sampa Biswas is an art historian, who specializes in China, Japan, Central Asia and trans-cultural ties. She has done her Ph.D in Art History from Kala Bhawan, Santinekatan, West Bengal. Having taught as a Visiting faculty in the Department of History of Art at the Indian Institute of Heritage (erstwhile National Museum Institute), she was invited to give lectures and also participated in International Seminars, conferences and Symposiums.

She has authored number of books including, ‘Assimilation of Brahmanism into Buddhism, 2018’; ‘Fudo Myo-o (Acalanatha Vidyaraja) in Art and Iconography of Japan, 2012 (Publication Grant from Japan Foundation,Tokyo); ‘Indian Influence on Art of Japan, 2010’. She has published research papers in journals of international repute. Dr Biswas is currently working on her new book titled "Cultural Ties between India and the Caravan Cities of Silk Road during Classical Period as Reflected in Art: Selected Study".


Duration of Course: 5 Days (October 16- 20)

Timings: 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Minimum Eligibility Criteria: 20 years and above can apply for the course.

Total number of seats: 35 only

Certificates: Certificate would be given against 100 percent attendance only.

Course fee:

Students (Pursuing) Rs. 1000/-
National Museum Volunteers Rs. 500/-
NGOs (students sponsored by NGOs) Free
Others Rs. 2000/-

Medium: All sessions will be conducted offline, at National Museum, New Delhi 


Course outline

Topics Date
The deep rooted connection between India and Central Asia, that is the -  beginning of spiritual and artistic relations between India and Central Asia; Northern and Southern Silk Route; Paintings from Miran in Southern Silk Route 16/10/2023
Continuation of Studying Art of Southern Silk Route - Khotan and other places 17/10/2023
Artistic creations from Northern Silk Route – Kucha, Kizil region  18/10/2023
Paintings from Northern Silk Route - Turfan and other regions. 19/10/2023

Dunhuang Cave

As thousands of artistic creations exist, only selected study is possible 


Please email your complete application form with payment details at: educationnationalmuseum@gmail.com

Applications will be accepted on first-come, first-serve basis.

 Last date for submission of applications: October 12, 2023, 5:00 pm

Team National Museum will share the payment details only when your seat is confirmed.

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