The Conservation Laboratory of the National Museum is as old as National Museum (established in 1950) and since its inception it has made great strides. The Conservation Department of National Museum performs conservation and restoration of museum objects and handles external projects, also with similar aims and objectives.

The Museum’s Laboratory has the principal responsibility for taking care of the objects of different collection departments. Among other things, Conservation Department is also responsible for the Preventive Conservation of objects in the museum and provides assistance during exhibitions, in storage facilities, or during transportation of objects etc. The laboratory prepares the technical and condition reports of different characteristics of the artifacts like their written and graphic records, radiographic documentation, photography under normal, oblique , infra-red and ultra-violet lights and analysis through other non destructive techniques.

Some of the major highlights of the Museum's Conservation work:


Major Projects undertaken 






Conservation Laboratory

Smt. Vintee Sain
I/c Conservation Laboratory

+91 11 2301 9272 Ext – 240

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