Yuva Saathi Programme

YUVA SAATHI: Young Visitor Programme

Yuva Saathiis a pioneering programme, in which volunteer guides, Yuva Saathi, will serve as tour guides to school children. The programme, designed by the National Museum Institute, intends to make National Museum a place of learning and fun for the young visitors. Yuva Saathis are undergraduate students from colleges of Delhi trained specifically to guide children in National Museum.

Two tours everyday will run for school groups from Tuesdays to Fridays, and four tours on Saturdays and Sundays.

For School Tour Coordinators (Teachers)

A trail of the Museum has been specially designed, keeping school children in focus, and the Yuva Saathis have been trained to take school groups on this trail. The tour, introducing the masterpieces of the museum, will take about 1 hour. Plan ahead, and your visit to the Museum will be an enjoyable and informative experience! You can download a brochure on Yuva Saathi click here.

Please remember – advance booking is essential to ensure a smooth and comfortable visit, guided by the Yuva saathis. School groups need to book at least a week in advance for the tour.

Please click here for the Online Bookingor Please click here for downloading the Booking Form. Please arrive at the Museum with a copy of the confirmation mail received from the Museum.

After the visit, do let us know how the tour went – this will enable us to improve the visitor experience.

For more information, email us at yuvasaathi.nm@gmail.com

For College students

National Museum is on the look out for young and enthusiastic volunteers for the Yuva Saathi programme. Students of 1st and 2nd year undergraduate courses, who are interested in art and culture, have good interpersonal skills and are bilingual (English and Hindi) can volunteer for the programme. Preference will be given to students of History. Of course, you must also be ready to volunteer your time to the Museum.

What are the benefits from the Programme?

  1. Exposure to Art and Culture
  2. Practical Training
  3. Talks by renowned Scholars and Curators
  4. Enhancement of Communication Skills
  5. Chance to work in the National Museum
  6. An experience certificate

Interested? Learn more about Yuva Saathi click here.