Scroll painting showing Mahishasurmardini

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Scroll painting showing Mahishasurmardini
20th Century

Place of Origin: West Bengal
Materials: Cotton cloth, colour
Dimensions: Lt. 112 Wd. 92 cm (approx.)
Acc. No. 71.638

The multi-coloured scroll depicts Goddess Durga killing the buffalo-demon, Mahishasur-'Mahish' refers to a 'buffalo' and 'asura'-means demon, hence the name Mahishsurmardini-a manifestation of Goddess Durga.

According to the Hindu legends, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva evoked Goddess Durga to save the 'Devalok' (heaven) and the living beings on earth from the tyranny of Mahishasur. The dominion of the Gods had been overpowered by the buffalo demon and hence they were worried about their survival. Using her prowess, the ten-armed goddess on lion slayed the demon, restoring peace in the heavens and on the earth. This pata (cloth) chitra (painting) delineates the victory of good over evil.

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Scroll painting showing Mahishasurmardini
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