Joji (Cap)

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Joji (Cap)
20th Century

Place of Origin: Himachal Pradesh
Materials: Silken cloth, worked with metal threads and sequins
Dimensions: Lt: 37 Wd: 11 cm. (approx.)
Acc. No. 59.213/11

This head-dress consisting of an oval top and a tail descending down to the waist on the back, known in local dialect as joji, is a special cap or head-dress of women in Chamba region, one of the great seats of art and culture. It is tailored from silken cloth and worked with metal thread and sequins. This piece looks like a large cobra, the hood worn over the head, and its tail trailing along the back. It is designed in a way that it tapers down to a narrow end. An occasional wear, joji is worn along with the peshwaz, and the two combined, make a wedding costume.

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