Sarod Type Stringed Instrument

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Sarod Type Stringed Instrument
Circa 18th century

Place of Origin: Gujarat /Rajasthan (Border Area)
Materials: Metal finger board, gourd resonator
Dimensions: Lt. 153 cm. (approx.)
Acc. No: M.03/128

This Sarod type string instrument is very much similar to the contemporary day Sarod. It can be seen in the sculptures and mural paintings in old caves and temples in various parts of India. Such kind of instruments are also visible in sculptures dating back to the 2nd century BC from Bharhut and Sanchi, a Gandhara stone relief panel from 3rd century BC, etc. A musician holding such kind of an instrument is seen above the statue of 'Varaha' in the Udaigiri caves near the stupa at Sanchi in Madhya Pradesh (as mentioned by Smt Sharan Rani Backliwal in her book entitled, "The Divine Sarod")

Over the centuries, development took place in the ancient 'Sarod type' instrument, from which the contemporary Sarod was evolved with modifications in the instrument and style of playing by the legendary musician 'Baba' Ustad Allauddin Khan.

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