Head Gear

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Head Gear
20th Century

Place of Origin: Nagaland
Materials: Cane, metal, seeds & feathers
Dimensions: Lt. 55 Wd. 48 cm (approx)
Acc. No. 90.809

This type of a head-gear can only be worn by a successful head-hunter of Naga clan. It is also known as 'Ya-khat' or 'Luhupa'. The conical cane hat has two circular wooden discs to enhance the beauty of it. A crescent shaped attachment to the head-gear, when worn gives a beard like impression and the two discs are adorned with red crab's eye seeds surrounded by job's tear seeds represents the chief and his followers. The job's tear seeds signify defence and protection. The brass disc at the centre of the head-gear represents the glory of the successful head hunter. Hornbill feathers adorn the head-gear, forming a kind of crest and represent the Naga clan ancestors. Hair locks of slain enemies are also attached to the discs. Sometimes bear-hair is seen emerging from the circular discs, representing a fence and also signifies the protection of the clan.

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