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Wooden Bowl

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Wooden Bowl
19th Century A.D.

Place of Origin: North-West Coast, U.S.A.
Materials: Wood
Dimensions: Ht: 20 cm.
Acc. No. 71.471

This jet black artefact designed like a black bear holding a stick in its mouth is a wooden vessel, a ceremonial bowl used during a formal feast. Painted in black using abstract decorative patterns the bowl is an exceptional example of high and low relief techniques. The artefact has been provided with opening at the top. Vessels, particularly a bowl, consisting of a seated human or animal figure, especially with strong abstract designs rendered in black, have always been favoured as grave offerings in various areas of Central America and Latin American countries. This artefact is its outstanding example. Otherwise also designs painted in bright colours, sculptures in stone, wood and even stucco used for decorative purposes, architecture in particular, were given special importance in many areas.

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