Pre-Columbian & Western Art


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12001521 A.D.

Place of origin: Mixtec, Mexico
Materials: Clay
Dimensions: Ht. 13.7 Dia. 18.2 cm.
Acc. No. 67.420

This bowl/dish or tray elevated on a tripod, its interior and exterior beautifully painted, is essentially a grave-offering pottery. Though aesthetically as strong as its interior, the bowl's exterior is largely a simplified form: the bottom part being monochromic dyed in pale red and upper edge defined in black using one bold line, and another, fine. Its middle part has been embellished with a four-petalled white flower motif rendered around against a maroon background. The bowl's upper edge is the same pale red as the bottom part.

The bowl's interior has been adorned using a much wider range of motifs from flower-forms, linear courses and other geometric drawings, to abstract symbols. The colours range is also wider: reddish brown, white, yellow and black, used in mutual contrast as also otherwise. The three baby-pythons-like looking legs that uphold the dish have been differently painted, their inner half being white, while outer, beige or golden yellow. These outer helves have black roundels over it.

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