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Drinking Cup

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Drinking Cup
300-650 A.D.

Place of Origin: Nazca, Peru
Materials: Clay
Dimensions: Ht. 10.2 Dia. 14.2 cm.
Acc. No. 67.313

Exceptionally colourful, polished to a mirror-finish surface and painted with exquisite forms of birds, penguins' like standing with out-stretched wings in full display and elongated beaks, the artefact is a specimen of a wide range of drinking cups or bowls that Nazca potters created. Designed with a broad rim and narrow convexly rounded bottom, the two ends perfectly aligning mutually, a usual form of bowl, the vessel outstands in modelling, finish and lustre.

The artefact's colour scheme, devised with deeper tints, save a few minor areas rendered in cream-white, is quite brilliant and interesting. The ground has been conceived in black though besides some cream white stripes the light maroon of the bottom has been used to relieve it. The forms of birds, the artefact's principal motif, ringing round the middle part of the bowl, conceived in deep purple and reddish brown, the birds in purple having reddish brown base, and those in reddish brown, the purple base, alternating mutually, are far more interesting a feature of the artefact. Almost geometrical in dimensions the beaks in cream-white and beige have been alternately used. The birds' queerly conceived legs also pursue the colour-scheme's broad principle of colours' alternate use. The potter has mosaic like covered with cream white dots the figures of the birds for relieving monotony. Delightfully conceived the birds appear to be laughing.

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