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Inscribed Bow of Bahadur Shah II

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Inscribed Bow of Bahadur Shah II
Circa A.D. 1850

Place of Origin: Delhi, Late Mughal
Materials: Steel
Dimensions: L: 104.2cm.
Acc. No. 59.2

Artistically designed and adorned with stylised flower-forms and calligraphy, rendered using gold plating, this triply curving bow, made of fine Damascus steel, was the personal weapon of Bahadur Shah II, the last ruler of Mughal dynasty in India, better known as Bahadur Shah Zafar, a great poet, great human being and as great a nationalist. Besides his name the bow has inscribed on it also a few couplets in Urdu revealing his love for poetry. A bow without string it looks more like an art-piece: the instrument to aesthetically delight rather than one, to hunt or kill.

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