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Mace (Gurj)

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Mace (Gurj)
18th Century

Place of origin: Kashmir
Materials: Iron
Dimensions: L: 129 cm.
Acc. No. 80.1151

A variant of mace, this heavy blowing weapon, known as gurj or gargaj, was used for destroying the opponent's body-defence : his armour, more specially his helmet, which once destroyed, made him prey to its fatal blows. It first destroyed the armour and then the warrior inside it. Conceived like a flower with eight petals and a spike atop which when needed served as a piercing weapon, this gurj is made completely from steel. Quite a simple fabrication, it is composed of a flower-petals like cast eight blades mounted on a cylindrical rod fitted with a steel spike on the top, and a ball-like shaped bottom-end.

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