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Enamelled Dagger

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Enamelled Dagger
Late 17th Century

Place of Origin: Rajasthan, Rajput
Materials: Steel
Dimensions: L: 34.9 cm.
Acc. No. 59.1/2

This most colourfully enamelled dagger abounding in rare beauty consists of a straight-blade and straight hilt without a guard. The blade tapers gradually and the hilt is thin, slender and delicate. It is similar to peshqabz, a variant style of dagger popular amongst Mughal rulers though while the latter is a sturdy weapon, the former, kard, is a fanciful specimen generally carried by the queen or the princess. It can even be called a knife for it serves rather than cuts. The kard, in question, has a single-edged blade of Damascus steel whose point is thickened to permit it to be passed through mail, if needed. The ram-shaped hilt of metal is profusely encrusted with rubies, emeralds and other jewels. The sheath of metal is delicately perforated with images of birds, animals and creeper designs.

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