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Back Armour

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Back Armour
Early 17th century

Place of Origin: Rajasthan
Materials: Steel, velvet
Dimensions: L: 66, width : 65 cm.
Acc. No. 58.53/1

This back armour, almost rectangular with the upper side slightly wider, once a protective shield for back, is a rare artefact. Worn over the back it was used for covering it in entirety. It is studded all over with pointed spikes, each of which is cast with a square plate of steel. Such spiked plates have been joined together with steel net giving it proper strength along with necessary flexibility. The entire armour consists of nine rows with five spiked plates in each row. It is padded with red velvet. There are four laces, one at each corner, with which it was tied with the body armour. It was worn over the shirt of mail.

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