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Inscribed Sword of Tipu Sultan

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Inscribed Sword of Tipu Sultan
C. 1790 A.D.

Place of Origin: Srirangapattnam, Karnataka
Material: Steel
Dimensions: L: 74.1 cm
Acc. No. 56.17/1

One of the world's rare artefacts this sword once belonged to the great national hero Tipu Sultan, the ruler of Mysore, now a segment of Karnataka. A dauntless warrior Tipu ruled this Deccani part around the closing years of the 18th century. The Delhishahi hilt with its circular disc pommel, oval grip, small knuckle-guard, short quillings and small langets, is damascened all over in gold in floral and creeper design. The fine steel blade, devoid of jauhar, is inscribed and bears the verses from the Holy Quran together with the name of Tipu Sultan and his capital Srirangapattnam. The wooden sheath is covered with maroon velvet.

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