Central Asian Antiquities

Head of a figure

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Head of a figure
6th - 7th Century A.D.

Place of origin: Khotan, Xinjiang, China
Materials: Terracotta
Dimensions: Height: 13 cm
Acc. No. Har. 06 (2003/7/1925)

Excellently modeled head of a figure, with a pair of large almond-shaped eyes, is shown in relief. Wavy locks of hair fall over the forehead. This head is a fine example of amalgamation of Indian and Hellenistic elements. It also shows thick lips and long nose. Style of the hair and the facial features of the figure exhibit strong Hellenistic influence. It shows strong features of naturalism and picturesque ness which can be seen into this stucco object. These elements were introduced into Art after the death of Alexander the great, and continued to vibrate the Art world. Since, Alexander was from Hellenes the art was known as Hellenistic. This object came from the personal collection of Mr. Harding who contributed many artefacts to Sir Aurel skin during his expeditions in Central Asia.

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