Central Asian Antiquities

Pilgrim's bottle

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Pilgrim's bottle
4th - 5th Century A.D.

Place of origin: Yotkan, Xinjiang, China
Materials: Terracotta
Dimensions: Height: 16.3 cm
Acc. No. Yo.01 (2003/3/940)

Well-shaped bottle seems like a pilgrim's bottle. Either side of the body of the bottle is decorated with a fully blossomed lotus. The lotus is having two rows of petals. Central part of each lotus is decorated with an applique grotesque human face. The bottle has a small mouth. Through two ring-like handles, the bottle could be hung easily on the waist for carrying extremely pious water. The site of Yotkan and nearby Khotan has thrown numerous beautiful terracotta objects. This site is located in the Western Chinese Turkistan of China.

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