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Gulab pash: Rose Water Sprinkler

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Gulab pash: Rose Water Sprinkler
Mid 19th Century A.D.

Place of Origin: Ferozabad or Kaparganj
Materials: Opaque white glass, painted
Dimensions: 16 cm.
Acc. No. 57.31/17

Cast delightfully like a cute bird this glass artefact, a brilliant specimen of the 19th century Indian glassware, a gulab pash - rose water sprinkler, is a functional object conceived as a showpiece for a sitting room. Moonlight-like translucence and highly simplified the surface of the artefact affords to it a far greater delightful face. The real magic of the artefact reveals in the dimensional contrasts of the body-parts, as against its huge bulbous middle, the bird's abdomen or the storage tank of the gulab pash, the bird's tiny legs, as tiny a head with small beak and a cute circular tail appear more beauteous than they otherwise would. The hollow middle has a small capped opening at the top for filling rose water, and the tiny hole, at the mouth's tip, serves as an outlet for sprinkling the contents. The body of the gulab pash is beautifully painted with floral patterns in brilliant colours: orange, purple, green and golden, against an opaque translucent ground.

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