Nose ring (balu)

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Nose ring (balu)

Nose ring (balu)
Himachal Pradesh, early 20th century
Gold, semi precious stones, pearls
Acc. No. 87.1168

The large nose ring (balu) measuring 10 cm in diameter is of circular form with a gem-set lotus and bird in the middle set above a row of semi-precious gems. The nose ring is decorated with around the ring with pearls, and red and white gems surrounded with tiny pearls. Delicate gold leaves interspersed with gem-set crescent shaped and fish-shaped elements fringe the bottom of the nose ring. On the upper portion a drop-shaped gem-set pendant from which are suspended seven gold leaves each with a turquoise in the middle within a granulated frame. A chain of stamped gold flowers with a fringe of gold leaves and pearls is attached to the nose ring this chain is tucked into the hair above the ear to support the weight of the large jewel.

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