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Coin of Bhoj Deva I

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Coin of Bhoj Deva I
863-882 A.D.

Place of origin: Gurjara Pratihara
Materials: Silver
Dimensions: Dia: 1.8 cm
Obverse: Figures
Reverse: Inscription
Acc. No. 59.152/4063

The obverse of the coin has a strange assemblage of a number of forms representing various species, the main being an ithyphallic boar resembling human appearance. Running straight to right the figure has been represented as wearing a cloak. There are towards the right ancillary symbols of uncertain identity, and to the left, trident.

The reverse has a two-line inscription in Devanagari legend reading: 'Srimad Adi Varaha' and below, Fire altar with attendants.

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