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Coin of Chandragupta I

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Coin of Chandragupta I
326-330 A.D.

Place of origin: Gupta
Materials: Gold
Dimensions:Dia: 1.9 cm
Obverse: portraits of the king and the queen
Reverse: Goddess Durga seated on lion
Acc. No. 51.50/1

Another rare treasure, this gold coin has figures and inscription on both sides, obverse and reverse. The obverse side portrays the standing figures of the king and the queen. The king appears to be offering ring/bangle like object to the Queen. The name of the king is on the right, and that of the queen, on left. Both are in Brahmi script. Accordingly, the king&rsquos name has been inscribed as 'Chandragupta', and the Queen's, 'Sri Kumaradevi'.

The reverse carries the image of Goddess Durga riding her mount lion. She has been portrayed as holding a noose in her left hand, and cornucopia, in the right. A monogram on the left, a Brahmi legend, reads as 'Lichchhavyah'.

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