Is parking allowed inside for visitors or not?

No, Parking space for visitors is available around the Museum.

Is free guided tour available?

Yes, For more details please see Visiting/Volunteer Guides Programme.

What are the Museum hours for visiters?

10 a.m. to 5.00 pm. from Tuesday to Sunday Go to plan your visit .

What are the admission rates for adults, children, seniors and students?

Go to Plan your visit.

How do you get to the Museum?

Go to plan your visit.

Is there a storage facility available for bags/luggage?

Yes, there is a free storage facility available at the Museum cloakroom. It is located near the entrance gate.

Is photography allowed in the Museum?

Yes. Photography is permitted for private non-commercial use except where otherwise posted. Photographs cannot be published, sold, reproduced, transferred, distributed or otherwise commercially exploited in any way. Tripods are permitted in the galleries only with the approval of Museum authorities. For permission please write to the Director General, National Museum.

Is the Museum wheelchair accessible? Do you have wheelchairs?

The museum has accessible entrances and elevators. Wheel chairs are available at the reception counter at the entrance of the museum.

Is there a place to eat in the Museum? What are their hours?

The Museum canteen is open to staff and visitors. The departmental canteen of the museum serves breakfast, snacks and lunch. The working hours are: 10 am to 1:30 pm and 2:30pm to 4:45 pm daily.

Is filming allowed in the galleries?

No. Filming with a video camera, phone or other recording devices is not allowed in the museum without prior permission from the Museum authorities.

Are there any other restrictions in the galleries?

Food and drinks are not permitted in the galleries. It is also strictly prohibited to smoke in the galleries and within the museum premises.

Do you have audio tours?

Yes. The Audio Tour of approximately 75 minutes, with 54 stop points, covers masterpieces from the collection along with an introduction. It is available in Hindi, English, German, French and Japanese.

Are there any organised gallery talks?

Yes. The curatorial team delivers gallery talks. These tours generally last an hour. Please see the events calendar for more information regarding date and time.

Is there a Museum Shop?

Yes there are two Museum Shops. One is located on the ground floor inside the reception chamber and the other is the HHEC Museum Shop located on the first floor.

What are the Library hours and do I need an appointment?

Please see our Library page.

What are the current special exhibitions at the Museum?

Please see our Exhibitions page.