Young Museum Audiences

The National Museum constantly aspires to be a highly interactive space catering to the needs of multiple audiences. To generate interests towards History and Arts among the young audience, the National Museum has undertaken to offer various educational programmes.  These programmes provide a chance to our young viewers to learn about the museum, while making the process entertaining and fun.

We conduct activities around temporary exhibitions, and also have permanent regular activities. The regular activities are organised twice a year and called “Playtime at the National Museum” . All the educational Programmes are facilitated by experienced personals from the sector of Museums and Culture.

Playtime at the NM: This is the summer  and winter program at the museum that organises many workshops and activities in the premises over the months of May and June.

A Day at the Museum: This program aims to enabling school groups to benefit from the museum in a planned and engaging manner. It is an effort to stimulate children’s thoughts by interactions and engagements with trails and workbooks created around various museum objects.  Pre-booking is mandatory to avail of this program.

Gallery Sheets, Trails and Teachers’ Resource Packs: The museum website offers downloadable gallery worksheets, gallery trails and teacher’s resource packs which could be utilised while visiting. These can be downloaded from the links below...... These are also available at the museum shop for a reasonable price.

Yuva Saathi: Under the Yuva Saathi program, trained volunteers are available to take you around the galleries and make the museum-visit more meaningful and fun. .  Pre-booking is mandatory to avail of this program. For more details, please follow the link here...

Some of the Temporary Activities organised in the past:

Touch and Learn: Students are offered a chance to touch an object in the reserve collection and know more about it.

Stories from Central America: One of the story-telling sessions organised in the Pre-Columbian Gallery.

How to Look at Miniatures: A Talk for students from age group of 13 – 17 years as an orientation to understanding Indian Miniatures.

Meet Ancient Potters: A Play with Clay workshop under the guidance of specialised artists. Pottery patterns and Pattanam was organised around the temporary exhibition, Unearthing Pattanam. Around the same exhibition, other activities like Young Archaeologists and Ancient Traders were also conducted for children.


Ms. Rige Shiba 
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