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Superposed dual shot gun Matchlock and Percussion

Superposed dual shot gun Matchlock and Percussion Delhi 17th Century CE Metal, wood Lt. 168.5 cm 76.788

This is an Indian superposed dual shot gun. It has a lean round barrel that is attached to the fore-end of the gunstock with the help of barrel bands. The ramrod is attached underneath the barrel. The gun has a superposed load and it can fire two shots from a single barrel one after the other. The superposed charges are loaded from the muzzle, one on top of the other. The gun has two different firing mechanisms, namely matchlock, and percussion, with each having a separate trigger. The matchlock firing mechanism includes a serpentine and a priming pan. The percussion firing mechanism includes a hammer and a percussion cap holder. It was initially a matchlock gun. The percussion firing mechanism was added later to the gun. The buttstock of the gun is lean and capped with a bone.

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