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Miniature Temple

Title- Miniature Temple Provenance- Northern India Period- 16th Century C.E. Material- Bronze Dimensions- Ht. 15.2 cm. Wd. 7.7 cm Accession No- 48.4143

A miniature temple containing the four-armed figure of lord Ganesha. The temple is of Northern type and has an elevated tiered base, square on plan, with recessed corners. The Garbha-griha (sanctum) has a pair of door leaves on one side and geometric perforation in Jali pattern on two sides. The terraced base of he curvilinier top has a projection at each corner for hanging the bells. The sikhara is surrounded by a ribbed disc (amalaka) and a tapering kalasa. and is superimposed by miniature models of the shrine itself on the eight directions. There is a small projected groove below the disc for holding the dhvaja- stambha. The base all around bears an inscription in Devanagiri script. The four-armed Ganesha is shown seated in an easy posture on a rectangular pedestal. His right leg is raised and bent at knee, the left being tucked in front. In the rear right hand he holds the tusk, in the front right modaka. and in the near left the trident. On the front left hand he rests the tip of the proboscis. he is crowned and wears bracelets, anklets, etc.

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