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THE HOLY QURAN India, 18th Century Opaque watercolor and ink on textile Size: 65.5 x 47.5 cm Language: Arabic Script: Naskh and Rīḥān Accession No: 56.94/2

The most unique art object in the collection of manuscript department is this artistically created Talismanic jacket. The jacket is beautifully inscribed in minute Naskh calligraphy all over. Although there is no date, but on the basis of calligraphy and cooperation made with other objects, it can be attributed to 18th century CE. The writing has been done with opaque water colour and ink on cotton cloth, which has been calendared (starched, glazed or smoothed by the use of machine and particular process). The white base cotton jacket has simple straight cut having length up to waist, small round neck, opening from the front and short wide open sleeves. Dark blue piping is around neck, front opening, sleeves, side opening and hem portion and same fabric has also been used for tying six set of tassels; two each on sleeves and one each on sides.. Muslim wore such jackets primarily for three reasons to seek blessing of Allah while going to the battle field, avert illness and ward of enemies, foes and evil. It is common belief among the Muslim that holy words written on this kind of inscribed jacket would protect the wearer from any kind of evil. In this jacket, the names of Allah are written distinctly in bold character which denotes the characteristics of Almighty as Protector.

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