Gifts and Short Term Loans


After the success of the Indian Art Exhibition organized at the Rashtrapati Bhawan (November 6th to December 31st, 1948), the State Government, Museum authorities and Individual donors built the nucleus of the National Museum collection with gifts and loans. Since then, important additions, by purchase, or gift have been made to the collections over the last sixty-three years.

Some of the most remarkable and major accessions are the Sculptures, Bronzes, Textiles and Paintings from Treasurywala collection; the Ajit Ghosh Collection of Paintings; the Imre Schwaiger Collection of the Mughal room, Bronzes, Paintings and Textiles; the S.T. Srinivas Gopalachari Collection of Sculptures and coins; the S.V. Ramamurti collection of Bronzes; the Parthasarathi collection of copper-plate grants; the Jalan, Vyas, Nagu and Desikachari collections of coins; the Nawab of Tonk collection of Arabic and Persian Manuscripts; the Rani Rajwade Collection of Sculptures, Bronzes and Decorative arts; the Sharan Rani Bakliwal Collection of Musical Instruments, the Pre-Columbian South American Collection donated by Nasli Heeramanek; the Elwin Collection of Tribal Arts and Crafts etc.